21 March 2010

A Century Old Question: Who are these Kilners?

I turned this up in the Ulster journal of archaeology of 1909, by Ulster Archaeological Society, while using a certain popular search engine:

I would be glad to know, as well.

That is all for today.

17 March 2010

Celebrity Genealogy: Kilner as Surname

Here in the U.S., perhaps as part of a media blitz in the run-up to the national census, there's suddenly a lot of shows about genealogy on the tube. One of them, Who Do You Think You Are, is a poor spinoff of its long-running British cousin of the same name. The U.S. version is prone to sappy musical montages and weepy-eyed revelations, where the U.K. version tends toward ironic self-mocking and witty asides -- much more to my tastes, anyway.

So while I was delving around, speculating about what hero among men might have borne the last name of Kilner who might have been so awe-inspiring as to cause generations of Newmans to name their sons after him, I was delighted to find an episode on the BBC edition of WDYTYA featuring Jeremy Clarkson, a host on the automobile enthusiasts programme, "Top Gear," as he explores the Kilner heritage on his mother's side.