25 February 2010

Kilner N. Black: Liverpudlian Nephew?

In February 1919, the H.M.T. (His Majesty's Transport) Olympic arrived at New York, from Liverpool, carrying U.S. soldiers home from World War I. Among its crew was a steward named Kilner N. Black, 44 years old. His "race" is given as Irish, while his nationality is given as English. He shipped at Liverpool, on 12 Feb 1919, and was to remain aboard as crew on the return trip. As long as we're being thorough, he was literate, 5'6", 140 lbs., with no distinguishing marks.

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Other people named Kilner Newman

I said in an earlier post that if you find two Kilner Newmans, it's a good bet they're related. We can put that to the test. In addition to Kilner Newman of Ireland and the Bronx, New York, and the Kilner Newman born 1882 in Rathsaran, Co. Laois, Ireland, here are some others for whom I have not yet been able to establish a relationship.

Can anyone find more info on any of these people?

Name: John Thomas Kilner Newman
Born: August 12, 1892, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died: October 11, 1916 , died in war, cause unknown, age 23
Buried: Vimy Memorial, France
Military Service: Private, Canadian Infantry,
Battalion: 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles
Company: C Company
Enlisted at Toronto, July, 1915.
Photo and Newspaper Clippings: Veteran Affairs Canada 

Father: Robert William Newman
     Born: 1862 in Ireland, immigrated to Canada in 1880
     Occupation: Carpenter
Mother: Elizabeth Anne Newman
     born 1859 in England, immigrated to Canada in 1861
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22 February 2010

Did Kilner name one of his sons after Cardinal Newman?

All right, this is interesting: I think Kilner's 7th son, John Henry Newman, was very likely named after John Henry Newman, who caused a sensation by leaving the Episcopal priesthood and joining the Catholic Church, in 1845.
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21 February 2010

First Project: Linking the Kilners

We start with two Kilner Newmans, one who came to America from Ireland, about 1848-49, and another who was born in 1882 in Rathsaran, Laois, Ireland, nearly 50 years later. It's a delightfully unusual name that is very useful in genealogy because it doesn't return a thousand false leads when you enter it into a search box. If you find two of them, it's a good guess that they were related.

Here is what we know about the "American" Kilner. Beyond the name, can we link any of this information to the later Kilner of Rathsaran?

Name: Kilner Newman
Birthdate: 28 Feb 1829

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