25 February 2010

Other people named Kilner Newman

I said in an earlier post that if you find two Kilner Newmans, it's a good bet they're related. We can put that to the test. In addition to Kilner Newman of Ireland and the Bronx, New York, and the Kilner Newman born 1882 in Rathsaran, Co. Laois, Ireland, here are some others for whom I have not yet been able to establish a relationship.

Can anyone find more info on any of these people?

Name: John Thomas Kilner Newman
Born: August 12, 1892, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died: October 11, 1916 , died in war, cause unknown, age 23
Buried: Vimy Memorial, France
Military Service: Private, Canadian Infantry,
Battalion: 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles
Company: C Company
Enlisted at Toronto, July, 1915.
Photo and Newspaper Clippings: Veteran Affairs Canada 

Father: Robert William Newman
     Born: 1862 in Ireland, immigrated to Canada in 1880
     Occupation: Carpenter
Mother: Elizabeth Anne Newman
     born 1859 in England, immigrated to Canada in 1861
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Name: Kilner Henry Newman
Resided: Camdenville, Cook, New South Wales, Australia in 1930, 1933, 1936, 1937 
Occupation: Newsagent

Name: Kilner Hardy Newman
Resided: Petersham, Parkes, New South Wales, Australia in 1943, 1949, 1954
Occupation: Car Proprietor

Name: Richard Kilner Newman
Married: at Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK in Q1 1870

Name: William Kilner Newman
Born: abt 1864
Died: 11 Nov 1949, age 85, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Name: Kilner Newman
Death Registered: Canterbury, Kent, England, UK, Q2 1843

Name: Kilner Newman
Born: ?
Died: ?
Married: Ann Whittaker, who was born 1824 in Abbeyleix, Laois, Ireland and died 1913 in Garfield, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA. Said to be the first of her two husbands



  1. Name: Kilner Newman
    born: 1882, Rathsaran, Laois (queen's county) Ireland.
    Died: 1945 Belfast N. Ireland. Occupation: prison Warden

    He and his wife Henrietta had 3 sons (deceased)and 1 daughter (still alive)

    He named his oldest son Kilner Victor Newman 1908 - 1939



  2. Thanks, this is great! I'll update the article to add Kilner and Henrietta.

    When you have the time I look forward to learning what you know about his parents and siblings. I wonder if any of them can be related to the other emigrant Kilner Newmans in Australia and Canada.

    Are you aware of any family connections to Liverpool?

  3. I am not aware of any family connections to Liverpool, but i am aware of a connection with Manchester. ON the Irish census of 1911 (which is online) There are two families of Newman in Co. Laois (Queen's County). My Great grandfathers family (Robert Newman) and his younger cousins family (John Thomas Newman). John Thomas Newman was born in Manchester, England. After the 1911 census, he had several other children including a "Richard Newman". According to the 1911 census John Thomas Newman was age 44 which indicates he was born in 1868. All of his children are dead, but i have been in contact with his granddaughter who unfortunately does not know anything beyond her grandfather John Thomas Newman. I was wondering if by any chance he was related to the "Richard Kilner Newman in Manchester, whom you mentioned? I understand that John Thomas Newman was married in Roscrea, which is a town close to Rathsaran, Co. Laois. My dad is a member of that church and I hope to visit the current rector of that church in the next week in the hope of finding the names John Thomas's parents, maybe per chance his dad would turn out to be the same Richard Kilner Newman that you have on your list. I have found that the ages that were filled up on census records are not always accurate.

  4. My Dad's late brother's name was either Harry Kilner or Kilner Harry Newman. He was always called Har. I Need to look up his birth cert to find out what his actual registered name was.

  5. I found some more information on John Thomas Kilner Newman at the Veteran Affairs Canada website, including pictures and newspaper clippings. Not only was he killed in action in WWI, but his only brother Robert W. P. Newman, also in the war, was badly injured from a gunshot. It's hard to imagine their mother's grief.

    Can't post links in comments, apparently. See the link under the first entry in the article above.

  6. I would be interested to have more details on Robert and John Thomas from Queen's County. Thanks.

    Robert J. Newman
    Newman One-Name Study